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Madeley Primary School prides itself on the positive, open and friendly culture that has been established. Our core values of Curriculum, Community and Care are guiding principles that shape our school.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

PP Assembly

On Friday the school community were treated to an absolute amazing performance by our Pre-primary students. Their assembly play was wonderfully performed with all the elements of the assembly woven into the story. We are very proud of our Pre-primary students and the work they did to put on such a fabulous. We also thank the staff and parents who helped our students have such a wonderful opportunity to show off what they are capable of. We also thank Mr Moon for his willingness to be involved as the very pretty Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red being tied up by pirates

Creating Classes

This week we will start the process of creating classes for the commencement of the 2015 school year. Teachers are working as a team to assign students to classes based on their knowledge of each child and their learning requirements. We thank parents who have submitted requests/suggestions about their child’s placement for next year. These requests will be considered as part of the placement process. Class lists will be placed outside the Library by Wednesday December 17. Parents are reminded that there is a very real chance that the classes will need to change at the start of or early in the school year. 

When creating classes we need to (where possible) ensure that student numbers in each class do not exceed the recommended numbers agreed to by the Department of Education and the State School Teachers’ Union. If this does occur we need to negotiate with teachers how this will be managed in order to support teachers with additional students. When there is a substantial growth in student numbers a school restructure is required. We cannot commence the school year with large numbers of empty seats as this impacts on the funding that we receive. The challenge is to try and create classes that leave enough spaces to allow for new students who may enrol. This becomes even more challenging when new housing is being built in the area as we do not know how many additional students we will receive or when they may start arriving. 

One problem that we always face every year is parents who do not like the class that their child has been placed in. While we do our best to accommodate reasonable requests this is not always possible. The trouble we have is that once class lists go on display it is difficult and often impossible to make changes. This is because we structure classes to try and allow room for new enrollments from all the various year levels. Thus, if one parent wants their child moved it can have a serious impact on the whole structure and sometimes means that another child must be displaced (swapped) which is not fair.  I hope this information provides you with an idea about the intricacies of creating classes which we go through every year. Student placements are not made lightly and a lot of experience and professional knowledge goes into creating the best classes possible.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Netball Champions

Today the Year 7 students took on the staff in a game of netball. The students kindly accepted a 15 goal head start which was not enough as the teachers won the game by 4 goals. Better luck next time Year 7's!!

Student Leader's Breakfast

Today we thanked our student leader's for all the work they have done in 2014 by shouting them to a breakfast at Zings in Hillarys. Our student leaders have been excellent role models and hard workers and we thank them for their efforts. Many thanks also go to Mrs Ovens who has been managing the Student Leaders in 2014 and who organised the breakfast.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Remembrance Day

Last week (on the 11th) staff and students gathered around the flag pole for a short period and remembered members of the armed forces who had served our country in times of war. This was a simple but powerful ceremony which helped reinforce the importance of remembering our fallen. Lest We Forget.

Student Belongings

It is important that students have their belongings clearly labelled so that if they are lost they can be easily returned. This includes items such as jumpers, lunch boxes, water bottles etc. Staff cannot be responsible for ensuring every child keeps their property safe. Please remind your child that they are responsible for the safety of their own belongings.

School Arrival Times

We ask that students do not arrive at school before 8.15am (preferably 8.30am). This is because there are no teachers on duty. If your child does arrive early they are required to sit outside my office until I dismiss them at 8.30am to go to class. Students are still required to wait at the office even if their parents are with them. We need to have this consistent approach in order to ensure students who arrive early remain safe.

Taking Extended Holidays in School Time

School attendance has strong links with student performance which is why the Department of Education  requires parents to consult with the Principal whenever they want to take their child on extended holidays during school time. The best way to do this is to send me a letter or an email or give me a call.

Last Week for Year 7's

Graduation Balloon release

This week is a big week for our Year 7 students and a historical week for our school. At the end of the week our Year 7 students will be moving over to Ashdale Secondary College to begin their transition into high school. This will be the last cohort of Year 7's to ever attend our school and we will miss their enthusiasm and energy. The Graduation Ceremony and lunch, which was held on Wednesday, was a fantastic event and congratulations go to Mr Taddei, Mr Keunen and all the staff who played an active role in making this event so successful. Today the Year 7 students went on their final excursion to The Maze. This is a great opportunity for them to spend some informal and relaxed time enjoying each others company as their time at primary school comes to an end. On behalf of the staff and students of our school I wish all our Year 7 students the very best for their transition time at Ashdale Secondary College and for all their future studies.

Lunch time

Graduation Cake