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Sunday, 2 November 2014

School Development Day Term 4, 2014

Parents often ask me what teachers do on School Development Days. Here is a summary:

Last Friday was a very productive day. The day began with my first official address to the entire staff. I talked about my beliefs and expectations for the school moving into the future. We then did a review of the Behaviour Education Policy in order to refine our beliefs, processes and procedures. After morning tea our education assistants participated in an information session on the National Quality Standards which will be implemented in 2015. Teachers were provided with ongoing training in the analysis and use of NAPLAN data using the Best Performance tool. After lunch staff participated in an ICT room rove. Every teacher shared at least one way that they had used ICT as part of the teaching and learning program in their classroom. This activity was very well received as it provided everyone with new ideas on how to effectively use ICT.

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