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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

P&C Meeting

It was great to meet the P&C Executive team and all the parent members at last night's meeting. The school is certainly well represented although there is always room for more parents to be involved. The amount of financial support provided by the P&C this year has been amazing and many thanks go to all the parents who have contributed their time, physical resources and money. David Belcastro, P&C President has indicated that he will not be available for the role in 2015 and will need to be replaced. I am sure that his leadership will be missed.

Below is my report to P&C

Some matters raised at the meeting were:
  1. Safety regarding the use of kiss-and-drive and parking on the grass. Parents are reminded that the safety of students is of utmost importance. The grass area is not for parent parking (only student teachers have been given permission to park there). Please  use the kiss-and-drive the way that it was intended. Do not stop the flow of traffic by parking in this area. The P&C will be installing limestone blocks around the grass area at the north east corner of the school.
  2. There are still plenty of P&C recipe books available for a bargain price of $25. Please support the school by purchasing a book (they would make excellent Christmas presents).
  3. Additional P&C funding has become available for the school to use. We will be gathering requests for funding from staff in the next week.
  4. Students being allowed to access play areas off-site and climb trees. I have explored the issue of tree climbing with the Wanneroo Shire. Due to a number of reason including student safety and duty of care, students will not be permitted to climb trees. I am developing a school policy for nature play incorporating the off-site area. I will communicate this to parents when it is complete.
Parents interested in looking at information related to the school's NAPLAN results can do so at these locations:
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