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Monday, 8 February 2016

Composite/Split Classes

Parents often request that their children are not placed in a composite/split class. These classes are unavoidable due to the way that schools are funded i.e. per student. When we create classes at the start of every year we need to consider a number of factors which include:
  1. The number of students actually enrolled in each year level
  2. Anticipated enrollments during the year
  3. Available funding which dictates the number of staff we can employ
  4. Industrial agreements which advise the number of students that can be placed in a class
The onus is on me to ensure that classes are not 'over' full and that there is room for growth if needed. This year has been challenging because we are expecting some growth in student numbers due to the new housing development taking place near Gnangara Road.

Once a class structure is decided it often changes due to new enrollments. This occurred over the school holidays and in Week 1 of this term. As a result of current and anticipated student numbers a few additional split classes were created.

As I say to parents regularly, teachers do not teach a year level, they teach students. In any class you will find a wide range of ability (academic, social, emotional) e.g. in the average Year 6 class the teacher could be catering for students operating between a Year 1 and Year 10 level. This is part of the challenge faced by teachers every day for which they are trained. This means that it is the actual level of each student and not the year level they are in that is the focus of our teaching.

Here is a link which explains the benefits of composite/split classes and provides reassurance to parents who may have students in one of these classes. Research indicates that there is no significant difference in academic performance between students in straight classes and split classes. It also suggests that students in multi-aged classes achieve greater gains in developing tolerance, empathy and adaptability. See this link for additional information.

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to meet with their child's teacher to discuss concerns.

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