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Madeley Primary School prides itself on the positive, open and friendly culture that has been established. Our core values of Curriculum, Community and Care are guiding principles that shape our school.

Monday, 15 June 2015

The Value of Friendliness

Last week our school focus was on the value of 'Friendliness'. Being friendly to others is always a challenge especially when other people are not friendly to us. Being friendly helps people feel like they are cared for and that they belong. When thing are going well it is great to celebrate with friends and friendly people. When things go bad it is good to have friendly people around us to support us. These are the kinds of messages we share with our students.
  • Friendly people take an interest in other people. 
  • Friendly people make others feel welcome. 
  • Friendly people happily share time, ideas, feelings and belongings with others.
  • Friendliness is a cure for loneliness. 
 We want Madeley to be known as the friendly school, a place filled with friendly people who care about each other. This is our goal and what we work towards every day.

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